In Review: Brickell Men’s Products – Daily Essential Face Moisturizer

Prior to just a few months ago I knew little-to-nothing about men’s grooming or how to keep my face hydrated and healthy. The concept of moisturizing was foreign, and I had no idea how or why I would ever need to do such a thing. This was all until my colleagues at Vegan Cuts approached me and asked me to curate the next Men’s Grooming Box for them. With no hesitation I said, “I’m in!”, and down the rabbit hole I went. Before me was this vast world of mens grooming that I had no idea about. Although a little intimidating, I quickly dove in and started doing research to find the very best products out there.  It wasn’t before long I stumbled upon a wonderful company called Brickell Men’s Products. After looking into their mission, the quality of ingredients they use, and the diverse line of products they carry, I knew they were worth reaching out to.

I have been fortunate enough try and become a regular user of the Brickell Daily Essentials Face Moisturizer, but hope to experience their full line of product eventually. With a light, fresh earthy scent and smooth, concentrated consistency, it was very pleasant to apply. It blended into my skin simply, and instantaneously my face felt rejuvenated and looked healthier than ever. With continuous use, I’ve noticed my complexion to be clearer and more vibrant. The potent blend of aloe vera, jojoba, shea butter, and green tea, pack a powerful punch into this moisturizer. Each ingredient works in a unique way, providing the face with a multitude of benefits including anti-aging antioxidants, deep cleansing hydration, nourishing vitamins, and an added layer of protection against dirt and other toxins you wouldn’t want on your face.

I’ve had two travel sized bottles of this face moisturizer, and they’ve lasted me for several months now. Only needing a pea-sized drop per application, a little goes a long way. I can honestly say that the price tag is more than reasonable for the quality of ingredients, how long the product lasts, and the overall benefits it provides.

If you’re looking for happy and healthy skin that looks and feels great, look no further than Brickell Men’s Products Daily Essentials Face Moisturizer!

Thrive Natural Care

thrivecollectionAs an introduction to product reviews, I wanted to feature an incredible brand that I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with recently. Offering a unique line of skincare products, Thrive sets themselves apart. Not only do they offer high quality, all natural, and hard working products, but they use plants cultivated in Costa Rican Restorative Gardens designed to improve soil and bio diversity. Creating a positive impact on the environment, they are quite literally helping local farmers, students, and entrepreneurs thrive. 

Whether you are looking to wash, shave, restore, or scrub – Thrive has something for you.


thrivefacewashIf you are in the market for a new face wash, look no further. Thrive’s hardworking face wash effortlessly removes dirt and oil from your skin leaving you with a feeling of refreshment. Upon first use of this wash I was struck by the pleasant scent, and with a single application I was hooked. What really stood out to me about Thrive’s face wash was the consistency. In past experience, washes I’ve used have either been too watery or lathery, but Thrive got the formula just right. A perfect gel-like feel with a light foamy application that rinses away to revitalized skin.


thriveshaveoilSay goodbye to old-school foams and gels and do yourself the pleasure of trying Thrive’s shave oil. This being the first shave oil I have used, I must say I was rather impressed. Just a few pumps was all I needed to get the closest shave I have ever experienced. To my surprise, the oil began to lather as it mixed with water thus giving me an up close and personal shave with minimal irritation.


thrivefacebalmNever using a face balm before, I was once again impressed with the quality of this product. Working in perfect harmony with my skin post-shave, Thrive’s face balm is highly concentrated. Just a little dab did the trick to soothe my skin and leave it feeling restored and refreshed. With a simple once-a-day application, I’ve noticed almost immediate results. My face is looking more healthy and clear than it has before!

I only have positive things to say about the Thrive skincare collection. I have had the pleasure to sample all of their products minus the new Energy Scrub, which looks mighty enticing. I can say with confidence I will be a long time supporter of the Thrive brand and I am looking forward to what else they have in store, not only product wise, but for helping communities and economies thrive as well.